St. Peter's United Methodist Church
Sunday, December 15, 2019
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Why Church?

Dear St. Peter's Family,
     My name is Vickie Flora and I used to live in Altoona and had attended church faithfully for many years and felt very welcome there.  I then moved to this area and attended some other local churches but they never made me feel welcome.  I then started working with individuals with disabilities and these three gentlemen, David, Elmer, and Jackie.  I then started attending church here at St. Peter's with the three gentlemen.   You all made me and the three gentlemen feel welcome and called us all by name and generally showed care, compassion, and the Christian principles using the three simple rules.   You show genuine concern for all of us, and make us feel wanted and appreciated.  You all treat me and these individuals as if they were members of your own family and do not treat them any different because of their limitations.  From the bottom of my heart, thank you for showing all of us how to be good Christians and love one another as Christ's children.  This congregation is by far the best congregation I have ever been associated with.  Thank you and God bless each and everyone of you. 
With Christ's love,  Vickie
August 3, 2014

Why St. Peter’s Church?


Ok, so I went to Sunday school and church as a kid, but as a young adult I felt I didn’t need to go, I could do it on my own. Well as you get older, life starts to take a toll on you, and you realize, well maybe I could use some help? I’ve lived in Riverside for thirteen years looking for ‘something’, but not quite knowing what that was. I’ve tried many churches in different areas and many different denominations. None really ‘felt’ right. Most said “welcome”, but felt like they couldn’t be bothered. A friend of mine ran into Becky Creveling, a friend that she hadn’t seen for a long time, they talked and Becky invited her to go to St. Pete’s on Sunday and my friend invited me. So we went.

We were greeted warmly at the door and welcomed. OK, I kinda felt comfortable? Let’s see what happens. So after the fourth song, I thought wow, these Methodist sure like to sing! I looked around at the monitors and thought really? Monitors?, I thought a little more and realized I could see them better than the hymn books and maybe they could pull in some of the younger generation who like to use electronics, The sermon used Christmas cartoons. Really? Ok, that was different and yes it did make me see them in a different light. I absolutely loved the children’s program, but it did make me a little sad because I never pushed for my son to go to Sunday school. I left with many things going through my head. Ok, so now back to working and my busy, stressful life .I was working a couple days later, getting all stressed out and suddenly stopped when I realized I was trying to hum a hymn we sang in church. What? I had to smile about that. Maybe the Methodist’s are on to something here?

I went back the next Sunday. I listened to Rev. Hurley and felt like he was talking TO me not AT me. Bringing in historically what was happening in the era he was talking about helped me get a better feeling of the sermon. The clincher though was when Rev. Hurley invited ALL to receive the sacraments. Then it hit me. I looked around and saw real people, living real lives, some struggling, praying for friends and family. That’s it. That’s what I was looking for, a church where people felt real. I need to carry church with me when I go, not just “GO” to church to be preached at and leave.

I received the sacraments and felt part of something real and true. I felt comforted and uplifted. I was baptized and became a member. Who would have guessed that the church I needed was right down the street. So next time you are in St. Pete’s church look around, you’re not alone, we are all real people, living real lives, with ups and downs, good days and bad. None of us are perfect and we are all different, but the one thing that pulls us together is God’s love which you can definitely feel in St. Pete’s. Oh, so don’t forget to take that love with you. You don’t need to leave it in church. Who knows maybe you will catch yourself humming some tunes as well?

(P.S. thanks Becky and April)


August 9, 2014