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Thursday, April 26, 2018
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Welcome to St. Peter's.  

We are a congregation of The United Methodist Church

Worship at 10:15AM.

426 Sunbury Road, Riverside, PA  17868

Children’s Sunday School is offered

every Sunday morning during our worship service, 10:15AM. 


A Lenten Journey

     Lent is an invitation for us to live our lives differently.  This year's Sunday morning Lenten series is based on Adam Hamilton's, "In the Garden."   The Bible begins in a garden where God creates Paradise. At the heart of the gospels is another garden, the garden of redemption.  Jesus suffers, dies and is buried in a garden, but on the third day he emerges from the tomb, conquering sin and death. The Bible ends in a garden. Revelation 22 paints a picture of the saints dwelling with God in a restored Paradise. In this series, we discuss these and other gardens in the Bible.



Join us every Sunday Morning at 10:15AM as we journey toward Easter.

Children’s Sunday School is offered every Sunday morning

during our worship service, 10:15AM. 


1. February 25th  - In the Beginning: The Garden of Eden   


2.  March 4th - Paradise Lost: The Garden of Eden


3March 11th  - The Garden and The Promised Land


4. March 18th  - The Kingdom of God and Gethsemane


5.  March 25th (Palm Sunday) - The Garden of Redemption




March 31, 2018 at 2:00pm




St. Peter’s Easter Sunday Worship Schedule


Reversing Eden, Restoring Paradise


April 1st - Easter Sun Rise, Worship at 6:30AM


Easter Worship at 10:15AM.


An Invitation

Christ Jesus invites us to take this Lenten Journey with him, so that each one of us might consider what it means to be his follower.




         Commit yourself to Christ as his servant.  Give yourself to him that you may belong to him.  Christ has many services to be done.  Some are more easy and honorable; others are more difficult and disgraceful.  Some are suitable to our inclinations and interests.  Others are contrary to both.  In some we may please Christ and please ourselves, but then there are other works where we cannot please Christ except by denying ourselves.  


Grace & Peace,


Rev. Dr. Donald N. Hurley



We celebrate a blended style of worship.  

That simply means that we blend traditional hymns with contemporary choruses.  

We honor our theological heritage

while intentionally seeking

to reach this generation

through the use of multimedia in worship.  

 Enjoy exploring our website and check back often

because our our site is currently under construction.



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5.  March 22nd  - The Way of the Cross.  Luke 9:23.     

  6. March 29th (Palm Sunday)

7. April 5, 2015 (Easter) Resurrection



 St. Peter’s Easter Sunday Worship Schedule

April 5th - Easter Sun Rise, Worship at 6:30AM

Easter Worship at 10:15AM.

Sunday Evening Cluster Worship Schedule

Our services begin at 7:00PM followed by a time of Fellowship.

March 29th - Trinity -  Pastor Cheryl Eyster

April 2nd - Holy Thursday - St. Peter's - Pastor Bill Gibson

April 3rd – Good Friday, St. Paul’s Emmanuel - Dwayne Nickols

 Small Group Study


Wednesday, April 22, 2015 at 6:30 p.m.
     A spiritual formation group encourages individuals to focus on deep questions such as:
     How is God working in my life?
     How am I being formed in the likeness of Christ?
     What practices will open me to God's leading?

* You will explore the depths of scripture, learn to listen to God through it, and allow your life to be shaped by the Word.
* You will experience new dimensions of prayer, try fresh ways of opening to God, and learn what it means to practice the presence of God.
*You will reflect on Christ's call in your life and discover anew the gifts that God is giving you for living out your personal ministry.
*You and members of your group will grow together as a Christian community and gain skills in learning how small groups in the church become settings for spiritual guidance.



     Welcome to our website.  At St. Peter's we are discovering what God is doing through people like you and me. 

      If you are wondering "why Jesus?" or "why church?" you are invited to explore our website.  And who knows? You might discover that St. Peter's is the church you and your family have been looking for. 

     Our Sunday morning worship service is at 10:15am and if you have children we have childcare available during our worship hour.  We are a safe sanctuary congregation.  All our childcare staff have criminal and child abuse clearances.

     Our worship experience is blended, a mix of traditional and contemporary worship styles and we use multimedia.   We are a United Methodist Church committed to walking in the footsteps of Jesus.  Hope to see you worshiping with us soon.

      Our Website is presently under construction, so check back often for updates and new pages.

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  Grace & Peace,

Rev. Dr. Donald N. Hurley

Contact Information: 
Phone:  (570) 275-1304
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